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What is the Toby and River Fund?

The Toby and River Remembrance Fund was created in the loving memory of two exceptional pets, Toby the cat and River the dog. It was developed as a way to offer financial assistance to pet owners in need. The Toby and River fund is funded through donations made by FFVH in memory of each pet at the time of euthanasia, as well as additional client donations. These funds may only be used at Family Friends Veterinary Hospital to offset costs of unplanned or emergent services where financial need is determined.


Financial assistance through the Toby and River fund is restricted to individuals who are dealing with financial hardships. Qualified individuals could be awarded up to $500 in assistance. Assistance applies to veterinary services that are non-routine in nature ie. emergent surgeries, unexpected medical illnesses, etc. with a favorable outcome. Eligibility requirements are:

  1. Must be otherwise unable to pay for treatment.
  2. Must be able to provide proof of financial hardship ie. be under the federal poverty level (must provide proof of income), or be on Medicare/WIC/SNAP Benefits.
  3. Must have applied for care credit/scratch pay and have been denied. The care credit/scratch pay denial letter must be provided.
  4. Must be an existing client at Family Friends Veterinary Hospital and have a detailed treatment/cost plan provided by the pet’s veterinarian.
How to Apply for Funding

Applications can be given upon request by contacting Family Friends Veterinary Hospital at 616-575-6520.

Application, proof of financial hardship, care credit denial letter, an estimate for medical procedures, and a signed affidavit by the veterinarian stating all information is accurate can be sent to

To Donate to the Fund

At this time, we ask that donations be made over the phone, during business hours, at 616-575-6520.
We hope to offer online payments in the future!